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About Algae Farming

The world of renewable energy is experiencing explosive growth. Cultivation of algae Systems, Inc. was formed with the goal of producing and marketing turnkey, commercial scale, economically viable algae production systems.

This growth will certainly continue unabated for the next decade or longer. Companies engaged in all aspects of this industry can expect high profits. The most promising and potentially profitable segment of the “renewables” industry is that segment dealing with algae and algae related products.

Algae is a single cell plant that, in the process of growing, consumes the Green House Gas (GHG) CO2 and produces algae oil (lipid) which can be turned into fuel. An algae farm for the production of algae oil and biomass in large quantities, will fill what is currently a significant void in the alternative energy arena. The Algae Oil from the farm can be processed into environmentally friendly, zero sulfur biodiesel fuel, while the biomass can be processed into ORGANIC fertilizer. The revenue potential is tremendous for an algae facility producing biodiesel fuel and organic fertilizer on a commercially scale.

Many nations produce no crude oil or refined fuels of their own, such as in the islands of the Caribbean, and therefore their diesel fuel cost are extremely high, making them a prime candidate for the implementation of algae based fuel systems. Also, there are many other uses for the algae biomass, such as for ORGANIC fertilizer, in order to replace environmentally damaging chemical fertilizers.

APS will provide a turn-key operation, in that APS will install all equipment and make the farm fully operational, to include training of the farm operators.

Market demand and pricing for the biodiesel fuel and the organic fertilizer made from the biomass is easily determined as these are universal products that are in global demand. The positive economic impact from lower fuel cost will be significant. Additional products that can be made from algae include, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, nutraceuticals and animal feeds.

Our government has focused their efforts on finding solutions to the problem of pollution and to find alternative sources of energy.

The cultivation of algae is a perfect match to the mission of such governmental agencies, as the DoE, which was formed almost 30 years ago with the mandate to eliminate our dependency on foreign oil.

Cultivation of algae also has the potential to make the United States energy independent with regard to liquid fuels. With only 16 thousand square miles (half the area of the State of Indiana) turned to algae production there is the potential to eliminate the need for 60% of the transportation fuel produced by US refineries.

By contrast, it would take approximately 2 million square miles (7 times the area of the State of Texas) to accomplish the same result using alternative sources of plant based oils, such as Soy Bean Oil.

Cultivation of algae Systems has designed state of the art systems that will produce algae and extract the algae oil on a commercial scale.

The success of algae farming does not rely on the creation of a new market, but has multiple existing markets that are extremely large and in which there are currently few competitors.

Algae farming is a sound venture with high return and low risk. APS is ready to fulfill the demand for the equipment and systems that will be needed in this new market.

· There is an ever increasing demand for renewable fuels

· The reduction of GHGs such as CO2 is becoming a priority

· The rewards are significant